[DCC Fatal Error] fClientDataModule.pas(10): F2613 Unit 'uROWinInetHttpChannel' not found

VCL works fine but when compiling to macOS and Android, i get this error:

[DCC Fatal Error] fClientDataModule.pas(10): F2613 Unit ‘uROWinInetHttpChannel’ not found.

Have selected FMX project when starting new RemObjects app.

EDIT: Using Data Abstract evaluation version.

I’m afraid the WinInet channel (for maybe obvious reasons ;), is specific to Windows, and not available on macOS or Android; you will need to use one of the other HTTP channel components that are work cross platform, such as I presume Indy or Synapse…


I’am working with DA demo app ToDo and not using any HTTP channel components by my self.

DA “wizard” has added in uses automatically uROWinInetHttpChannel so maybe i can remove it from there?

{fmx:} System.SysUtils, System.Classes, Data.DB, FMX.Dialogs,
{RemObjects:} uROChannelAwareComponent, uROMessage, uROComponent, uROBaseConnection,
uROTransportChannel, uROClientIntf, uRORemoteService, uROBinMessage, uROWinInetHttpChannel,
{Data Abstract:} uDAInterfaces, DataAbstract4_Intf, uDADataAdapter, uDARemoteDataAdapter,
uDAScriptingProvider, uDAEcmaScriptEngine, uDASpiderMonkeyScriptProvider,

Wasn’t good idea to remove it. It’s used here:

TClientDataModule = class(TDataModule)
RemoteService: TRORemoteService;
Message: TROBinMessage;
RemoteDataAdapter: TDARemoteDataAdapter;
ReconcileProvider: TDAFMXReconcileProvider;
ClientChannel: TROWinInetHTTPChannel;
DataStreamer: TDABin2DataStreamer;

Yeah, you need to change all places that reference it. I’ll have my colleague reply in more detail tomorrow, as the Delphi parts are not my area of expertise :slight_smile:

Thanks. No hurry, i’am just playing with evaluation version and not doing any real apps here.

Going to buy DA, it’s great product and your supports is outstanding :slight_smile:

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You can select client’s channel in wizard. Try to recreate project and select TROIndyHTTPChannel. it will work on all platforms including mobile one.

by other hand, you can drop TROIndyHTTPChannel near to TROWinInetHTTPChannel, specify correct TargetUrl, specify new channel in RemoteService component and remove ClientChannel from data module and remove reference from uses section.

Started new project but didn’t find selection for client’s channel in wizard. I’am using trial version, is this in full version?

Changed ClientChannel manually to Indy.

wizard is the same in full and trial version:

This final step what i’am able to see:


try to use full version of wizard, i.e. VCL Application/FMX Application

I first select this “FMX Application”:

and after that i select this:

Do you mean when making FMX app, you should use Custom Server instead Relativity Server?

Earlier came out that i’am using old version of Relativity Server - Admin Tool.

I’ll log issue for updating DAD wizard and provide full version of wizard for Relativity client

Thanks, logged as bugs://84244

Just bought DA license from your site, thanks.

Downloaded and installed DA again but didn’t get that “new” final step.

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that one is available in Custom Server mode

Now i find it.

Tryed to build custom server but got lots of errors.

Also getting this error when opening project:


You are using uDAUniDACDriver. it requires 3rd party commercial library (UniDAC).
you can download it at https://www.devart.com/unidac/

regarding Legacy package: Have to selected Legacy component in installer? if not, you can safely remove that package.

Using PostgresSQL and UniDAC was only one with i could establish connection. Have used with Relativity Server Admin NPGSQL.NET but if i copy connection string to custom server wizard i get error message “Unknown driver”.

With PostgresDAC i can’t get connection, don’t know if it’s also 3rd party.

Any idea how to establish connection to PostgresSQL without 3rd party drivers?


Relativity Server is .NET-based so his drivers cannot be used in Delphi based server and vice versa.

I can recommend to use native FireDAC driver. it has PG aux driver:

also you can try to use ZEOS that is 3rd party free library.