Debug Pane: copy and/or horizontal scroll

(Matt Robertson) #1

It would be nice to be able to copy text from the debug pane, or at least do a horizontal scroll on long items. If I am inspecting elements in an array, I can only see the first 30 or 40 items and then I run out of screen space.

(marc hoffman) #2

Copying should already work, with Ctrl+C. I’ll look at scrolling (there WPF TreeView control is not my bested friend :(.

Arrays should also fold open so you can see each item in a separate row, no? What platform and what kind of array is this?

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(Matt Robertson) #3

It’s like magic. Ctrl+C does work :slight_smile: I right-clicked and did not see an option to copy, so I assumed it was not supported.

It seems that sometimes I can unfold arrays and sometimes I cannot. This particular instance actually is a Java ArrayList and not a pure array, so perhaps that is the reason?

(marc hoffman) #4

Probably, yes. anything thats not an actual array but a class with a count and an indexer, we’d have to support explicitly/manually by the debugger. I’ll log an issue to support ArrayList.

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(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://82608

(Matt Robertson) #6

Thanks. Definitely not a priority for me now that I know I can copy text from the Debug Pane. I just needed some way to view contents of a large ArrayList.

(marc hoffman) #7

I did also add a Copy menu item, for tomorrow’s build.