Debug with Water, jumps on Screen

Latest Beta.
Every time I press F10, the Sourceditor jumps to a wrong location. I have to Scroll
manual to the location02

Curious. this is while stepping thru code? Does this show everywhere for you or just in a specific project?

as I can see only on net project

No it’s always for me, also in Island-Windows

Ok, note the less, could you sent me an exact test case project, with BPs set, and steps hope to see what you are seeing (and maybe a full uncrossed video showing there entire IDE)? needless to say I step thru code in Water all the time, and I’ve never seen this…

Hi Marc,
here two videos, it is fly Playground Project from Github
I have found out if I switch from Hand to the CallStackView it works correct.
First video show the wrong jumps

Second Shows the correct way