Debugger crashes inspecting children


(Matt Robertson) #1

I’m consistently getting an app crash while inspecting children in the Locals inspector of the debugger in Water. I mentioned this bug in passing in this post about an “Error getting locals” bug, but it seems to have been unrelated since I’m still getting the crash even on the .2360 build that Marc posted for me on that thread.

Here is my Water log, starting at debugger run (as a zip because the uploader filtered out .log type): (897 Bytes)

And here is my test project: (189.7 KB)

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://81702

(marc hoffman) #3

To be clear, Water crashes (ie terminated) completely? No “Oops something went wrong” error message dialog, just gone?

From the error I see in the log file, it should recover fine (just not show the children, ofc)…

(Matt Robertson) #4

Sorry, thanks for the question. The android app crashes and the debug session terminates. No “Oops something went wrong” error message (or any sort of message), the debug session just terminates. Water continues running as if I had manually stopped the debugger.

(marc hoffman) #5

Ah, ok. thanx!

(elenap) #6

Could you give me exact steps that leads to crashing, please. Where do you set breakpoint in your test project, what variable do you expand and so on.

(Matt Robertson) #7

I have breakpoints set at these lines:

fBoolean := true;


if (aParent <> nil) then

At the break on fBoolean := true; in the Locals inspector, I see savedInstanceState with a value of nil and this which refers to MainActivity and is expanded by default. The only items inside this are (which can be expanded further) and fBoolean which at this point is false.

If I attempt to expand then the debugger dies, after successfully expanding for about 500ms.