Debugger doesn't skip breakpoint set in switch-statement

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IDE: Fire
Version: Version (develop) built on talax, 20190426-155608. Commit f04dec1.
Target (If relevant): iOS
I have the problem that I am trying to debug some switch-statement code in a file named LocationsViewController in my iOS-project only when I set three breakpoints as marked in this file.

It’s always hitting the line DispatchQueue.main.async { // ADD BREAKPOINT while the enum which I am checking is off state Result.failure so it should never hit the case inside .success.

Expected Behavior:
Breakpoint set in conditional code which isn’t met shouldn’t be hit

Actual Behavior:
Debugger stops at a breakpoint for a case-statement in a switch which isn’t met


  1. Open the project in the zip file (personally sent to @ck)
  2. Open the file LocationsViewController ensure you have breakpoints at lines 26, 29, and 34.
  3. Run the application
  4. Enter some bogus in the user/password text fields
  5. Press the Sign in button
  6. Notice that the code viewDidAppear of LocationsViewController gets triggered and the breakpoint is not being skipped
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Thanks, logged as 82483

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(Carlo Kok) #3

Can you retry this with the next build? (I seem to be missing some files but I fixed a bug a lot like this)

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Sure, I will give it a shot!

(RemObjects) #5

bugs://82483 got closed with status fixed.

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