Debugger getting stuck

(JohnMoshakis) #1


With the attached progam after the 3rd or 4th attempt at debugging when I start another debugging session Fire seems to get stuck. It just says “starting carterhelloworld” and nothing appears in the console.


  1. open the project

  2. set a breakpoint in Configure of Startup.pas

  3. Run the app so that the breakpoint is hit, then press stop

  4. repeat another 2/ 3 times (932.1 KB)


(marc hoffman) #2

If that’s .NET Core, its a “known” issue. I say known because it just happened to be again now too, although Carlo did apply a fix, and when I tested with the fix three days ago, it was working fine :(.

For me, it hangs every time.

Pro-top: you can right-click the status message int the left hand side of the debug panel toolbar and choose “Reset” to kill a stick debugger. I assume it says [Start] there, when it hangs, for you?

(JohnMoshakis) #3

Yes it .net core.

My dropdown just has stop and detach

Do you mean here ?


(marc hoffman) #4

No, here:

What seems odd is that thisnissue seems to change. Yesterday, it would hang at “launching” in the top left, and the bug engine status would be [Start] (it’s stuck in a call to Start in the managed debug engine, which never returns.

Not, just as for you, it is stockman “preparing”, which is earlier, and does not seem to have entered the managed debug engine at all (no status printed in the deugger toobar).


(marc hoffman) #5

Second try, its back to what I normally see:

in any case, Carlo and will need to invesitate this more tomorrow.