Debugging an old ASP.NET web site

I have an old ASP.NET web site that I need to debug in order to correct something.

It doesn’t work with Visual Studio 2022 17.2: it seems that VS doesn’t see that the build is finished and it never starts the application to debug. I even have to kill VS after each build.

So I think I can use Water to debug it, but it seems that it doesn’t support ASP.NET web sites, as the Run command is greyed !

Unfortunately, there is no more the possibility to create such a project type, so the only thing I can give you is the full project and all its dependencies…

Logged as bugs://E25905.

I’ve logged it. If the IDE team needs a project they’ll contact you.

I have the same thing and if I clear the project systematically before compiling, it often passes :slight_smile:

Hello Patrick.
Could you please give me a testcase for this issue?
Thanks in advance.