Debugging codebehindmodule example

Im trying to debug this example but Fire keeps crashing. I have these breakpoints set and when loading it appears to hit the breakpoint inside the onclick event before crashing.


I cant see anything in console that looks relevant.

Below is what chrome looks like. It appears the constructor was executed but it didnt stop on the breakpoint.

Known bug with Black theme in 2627. (fixed in 2629, I should add :wink:

It no longer crashes but where it stops is strange. When loading it hits both breakpoints. When I click the button it doesnt hit the breakpoint inside the onclick at all.

That’d be a separate issue. Can I get a concrete test-case for this? thanx! (521.2 KB)

It was just the webmodule code behind template.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85925

Hello John,

I can’t reproduce the issue. Steps I tried to reproduce:

  1. Set breakpoint at line 15
    okButton.innerHTML := 'Thanx!';
    and at line 24
    okButton.innerHTML := 'Click Me, Please';
  2. Run the testcase, it stops on breakpoint at line 24.
  3. Continue
  4. Click button “Click Me, Please” - it stops on breakpoint at line 15

Could you describe your steps to get the problem?


Hi Elena,

I dont think Im doing anything special, I just create a code behind module project and run it.

This is running in the debugger, it hits the first breakpoint when inside the constructor and I have to press step over several times to where it sets click me please

Im running Catalina with an intel mac mini, I can try on my m1 mac to see if that makes a difference.

Chrome 90.0.4430.212


It works the same on M1 as well.

I did notice something funny. If you look at the code

When loading it hits line 14, of course it ignores 15 but when I hit the button it stops at line 15 ignoring 14.

bugs://85925 got closed with status fixed.