Debugging Script in Inno Setup

I am trying to debug a script in Inno Setup but when I hover the cursor over a variable it doesn’t show the value. Is there something I need to set for this? Thanks.

This would be a support issue for InnoSetup, not us, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the quick reply Marc.

Unfortunately their forums seem no longer available

I’m sorry to hear that. I can check with the rest of the team, just in case, but I’m pretty sure that the debugger UI is 100% out of the scope of our codebase for the core Pascal Script library.

Yes, the team confirmed: this is all on the side of the InnoSetup IDE, which isn’t our code, and we don’t have the ability and knowledge to provide support for. Sorry.

Note the IDE apparently is open source, should you want to debug this yourself, or find someone familiar with it who can:

Thanks for checking Marc. I’ll take a look at the source.

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