Debugging views

I was wondering what the best practice is regarding debugging view layout hierarchies when using Fire? In Xcode you can debug views using the Debug View Hierarchy-feature while the app is running.

@mh How do you normally approach this when you want to find out why a view is not showing up or layout constraints failing?

I have found this blog which allows to dump the hierarchy by calling an internal method of UIViewController named _printHierarchy. See more at:

The only thing I can think off is using something like Reval (

best option might be to just attach the xcode debugger to your app…

Hmm, I will give that a second attempt when I tried earlier my app wasn’t showing up in the Attach to Process dialog within Xcode. Thanks :slight_smile:

hmm, odd. all running processes should be showing there…

Yeah, I was able to get it working with Reveal! I will try it again tomorrow.
Maybe I should just manually run the app in the simulator without starting it via Fire. I will play around a bit

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yes, you cannot attach to an app if another debugger (eg Fire) is already attached.

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Hah, that makes sense :smiley:

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