Delphi 10.4


Delphi 10.4 was released today.

Do you have a rough idea when a Hydra Version that supports 10.4 will become available?

Thank you!

The team has bene working omg supporting the 10.4 betas, and we should have an official build tested against and supporting the final release of 10.4, soon (I don’t wanna make an exact promise, put probably within the next week or so).

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any news regarding Delphi 10.4?
I see there is a new beta build from June the 2nd. Does this one support 10.4?

Any idea when there will be an official release for 10.4?

Thank you!

Yes, the latest builds support Delphi 10.4.

No exact date, but either this or next week. Bu the current Preview build should be save to use.