Delphi 2007 ROSDK integration

I finally got ROSDK v10 working in my copy of Delphi 2007…but how do I launch service builder from within Delphi? It seems to have changed.


Have you checked Tools menu?

Its not there

Is there IDE package loaded?

if I go to update the interface files from the rodl, I get this error


Curious. @evgenyk?

(@evgenyk also note the typo in there menu, underscore instead of &)

something is wrong somewhere …

for me, it works as expected:

@aolson: can you check that RemObjects_Server_IDE_D11 package is loaded?


What exactly build you are using?
you can get this info in file.


if you launch

C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Build\install_RO.cmd

will be all packages installed correctly?

they appear to build ok but not install. here is all that was installed.

if I click to install any of the others, I get the error like I posted above.

where should I define Int32 in the RO source?


RO SDK sources don’t use Int32 type

then why do I see ‘unknown type: int32’?


can you send your .RODL to support@ for investigation, pls?


you have declared this type in .RODL. codegen knows nothing about this type so it generates error.
check CampaignID field in TCampaign struct

I believe that was simply a typo from me being so used to .NET. it doesn’t explain why the packages don’t install in D2007 though