Delphi 6 Install Guide on old

Hi Guys,

I am trying to access this guide:

It redirects to:

But the site is not working. (This site cannot be reached… connection reset message)

I also notice the links on the Pascal Script page : also go to the non working site. (Plus I had to find that page using Google)

If anyone could provide help here it would be great,

– Peter Mayes

site works as expected. it allows to select Data Abstract, Remoting SDK, Hydra or Elements documentation sites.

Pascal script articles can be found at

Thanks for the rapid response.

I had looked at the Git Hub articles but only two are listed that I can see:

  • Using Classes with RemObjects PascalScript

  • Using RemObjects Pascal Script

Neither mentions Delphi 6.

I don’t see how you found that Delphi 6 article. Maybe I am not seeing the link somewhere.
I even downloaded the git repo as .zip and can not find that article.

I can you use what you have posted here though. Thanks.

– Peter Mayes