Delphi 7 Crashing


We have had many instances of Delphi crashing since we upgraded to Hydra 6.

The crashes are not consistent so we cannot re-create the problem to debug it.

Sometimes Delph terminates automatically, other times Delphi is not responsive and so we have to close it and start again.

We need to see if we can isolate a problem but if you have any ideas that would be very helpful.

Have you had any reports of any problems from any other users of Hydra 6?

Our setup:
Windows 7 Ultimate, 6.1.7601 Service pack 1 build 7601

Delphi 7 (Build 8.1)

Hydra 6 - v6.2.101.1241

The following are some error messages from the crashes.

Crash instance error messages:

Crash instance error messages:



you are first person who report about issues with Delphi7.
according to error, you have issue on compiler level (dcc70.dll) and in runtime (rtl70.bpl).

can you a bit describe your application?
if you don’t pass Delphi object between host and plugin, you may try crossplatform mode. in this case, you can compile host and plugin w/o runtime packages.

see more at the Cross Platform sample.
for Delphi7, you need to compile only VCLHost & VCLPlugin projects

Thanks I will look in to that.

Hi - I have now got back to testing this problem!
I have built the VCLHost & VCLPlugin projects and they work. I wanted to add one of our projects and see if it fails.

My DLL is in the host directory and I kept getting this error message
‘Cannot assign a TStringList to a TStringList’

So I created a new project from scratch that went through ‘Hydra Module Wizard’ and then try to load it via the VCLHost app. But i am getting the same error.

Can you see what i may have missed please?
I have attached the (7.6 MB)

Open \VCLHost\SavHydraTest.bpg
and build.



this error means that your host and plugin should use RTL runtime package.