Delphi Error Message after upgrading to V6.4.0.1277

After upgrading to the above version and rebuilding all my VS libraries using the new .Net Dlls from the install, I am receiving the following error message.

An instance of type ‘Finser.RegEReports.TPlgRegEReports’ was being created, and a valid license could not be granted for the type ‘RemObjects.Hydra.NonVisualPlugin’. Please, contact the manufacturer of the component for more information.

This occurs after instances of several other’s NonVisualPlugin’s were instantiated. I did not receive any error during the install of the product.

When I load the Delphi project utilizing the Hydra plugin to the VS side, two units containing references to Hydra trigger an error message

“Cannot create file xxxxx, Access is denied.”

Please advise. A resolution is urgently needed as I cannot build the product release of my product.



As a first step please delete all obj and bin folders from your .NET solution folder and rebuild the .NET solution.
Sometimes Visual Studio does not reprocess licenses info after assembly version upgrade (even after Cleanup or Rebuild commands)

I did the rebuild as suggested and also discovered that the Delphi error message of “Access denied” where due to Hydra attempting to change the Use dependencies statements to the new references as documented in the breaking changes. This was resolved and the Delphi application now has all references changed to
Hydra.VCL.ModuleManager, Hydra.VCL.Interfaces

But now, after performing a re-import of all .Net DLLs, I get a general Access violation when attempting to use the first instantiated Non-Visual plugin.

The failure happens on the QueryInterface.

if (VersionCheck_Plugin.QueryInterface(IPlgVersionCheck, PlgVersionCheck) <> S_OK) then


ModuleManager.CreateNonVisualPlugin(aDLLName + ‘.’ + aPluginObject, aPluginInstance);

call does not raise any errors and seems to have assigned an instance to the aPluginInstance of type
THYVCLNonVisualPluginWrapper as THYVCLNonVisualPlugin

I don’t know where to go from here or what other information I can provide to resolve the issue.

Please advise



can you create a simple testcase that reproduces this issue, pls?
you can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy.

Sample project reproducing the issue send.