Delphi Field Name Objects Like Older Table Editor

How do I or can I access fields like we used to in Delphi tables and in Asta.

We are converting about 4,000 plus forms used in a variety of applications that were built using Asta and have been in operation for about 10 plus years.

When converting to DataAbstract from Asta and moving from Infopower to DevExpress, we keep seeing that all our field processes are having to be modified. We have been working on building a very automated process for conversion so I would like to know if this is actually necessary.

Simple example:

ta_StaffStaff_ViewOnCalendar.AsString := ‘Y’;

has to be recoded to

ta_Staff.FieldByName( ‘Staff_ViewOnCalendar’ ).AsString := ‘Y’;

When we had created the table fields in the field editor, a field object had been created.
Example: ta_StaffStaff_ViewOnCalendar: TStringField;

We really liked the old way because during compile we could tell if we had any field problems with naming. This is a very common problem when modifying our very large applications.

Is it possible to access fields in DataAbstract as a field object directly without using FieldByName?

Bill Brittain
Is2 Software


I can recommend to try strongly-typed datatables feature.

for this select TDASchema component and use

Note: you may need old sample that above article references: Strongly (55.3 KB)