Delphi, Multiple RODL files for large project

Our large RODL file (20,000+ lines) is creating problems for us at compile time.

Compilation is slow, and we will end up disabling the generation of the RODL file by modifying or removing the relevant line in the project source file.

{#ROGEN:MainLibrary.rodl}// RemObjects: Careful, do not remove!


{#dont ROGEN:MainLibrary.rodl}// RemObjects: Careful, do not remove!

I would like to know if we can split up our RODL file, and perhaps have multiple lines in the project file like so…

{#ROGEN:MainLibrary.rodl}// RemObjects: Careful, do not remove!
{#ROGEN:MainLibrary2.rodl}// RemObjects: Careful, do not remove!

You can split your big RODL to several ones without any problems.
after splitting you can add them back as:

Hi Mark

another possibility is to use the fantastic Hydra framework. This is more work but is more much flexible

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I had the same problem. So I split up the RODL files and created an application which checks for changes in the rodl file. When a change is found the command line rodl tool is used to generate files as necessary. This means I can leave the auto build function switched off.

The code generation is very slow and is one of the things that I would really like RO to take a look at. hint hint…


you can control the regeneration of files for used rodls with this option

For several releases that functionality was completely broken, so I had to work around it. I still have not tested it in the latest version so I’m not sure if it is fixed or not.


it was fixed a few months ago so changed should be in the latest version.

Could you please post the two images showing your solution? Links are broken.

Given this was five years ago, I’m sure Eugene does not have the images anymore (not sure why the forum itself lost them), but I’ll have him have a look and provide the necessary information when he’s back from vacation next week.



as you can see, you can split your big rodl to several subrodls.
later small subrodls can be added via Edit->Use Existing RODLs->Use Existing RODLs...

Option is selected with red box

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