Delphi RIO slow DA datamodule loading


(marcantheunis) #1

hi, since this may be of your concern also, please have a look at

it’s a DA datamodule that loads very slowly in RIO
that said, i have it with much smaller DA datamodules also…

(EvgenyK) #4


Is it correct, that this issue is only reproduced with Delphi Rio and isn’t with any other versions of Delphi?

It would be great if you could see what method causes failure. it can be calculated with AQTime

(marcantheunis) #5

well Tokyo wasn’t that fast neither but in RIO it is far more noticable…
that said, in Tokyo i had delphispeedup installed…
now forms with a lot of components are also slow to load…
the dm in question has a large DA schema… but i guess that this isn’t processed unless the DAS is activated…

(EvgenyK) #6

you can put schema near to .exe and load it in runtime.
it will reduce .dfm size and will allow to open it faster in design-time

Note: schema can be stored in pfBinary format. it will be loaded faster in comparing with xml format that is used by default. DASM can open only files stored in pfXML format.

  TDAPersistFormat = (pfBinary, pfXML);

  TDAStreamableComponent = class(TROComponent)
    procedure LoadFromFile(const aFileName: string; aFormat: TDAPersistFormat = pfXML);
    procedure SaveToFile(const aFileName: string; aFormat: TDAPersistFormat = pfXML);