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I saw that there are some new components that easy up the integration of a certificate on the server. I saw on the documentation that i can also use a new property AutoCreateSelfSignedCertificate in this tutorial . But i was unable to find this in RemObjects 9.6 on Delphi. As i saw in the documentation the example didn’t include delphi so is this not available on Delphi?

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you can use self signed certificate with Delphi too.

Indy-based servers, TROWebBrokerServer & TROWinHttpServer have proper SSL/TLS support.

All Indy-based servers have public/published Server property where you can specify TIdServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL with certificate details.

TROWebBrokerServer - SSL/TLS can be specified in IIS server
TROWinHttpServer - SSL/TLS can be specified via netsh utility

also you can review SSL sample attached to Authentication Question


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Thanks for the fast reply. I was looking into TROWinHttpServer and i saw that isHTTPS check box. But i don’t really get it where i cab assign the cert and the key for that component. In case of my TROIndyHttpServer i’ve used a SSL dispatcher component TIdServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL to manage the cert.
Also The TROWinHttpServer doesn’t have that selfSign check box which(maybe i didn’t get it right) should manage the cert and refresh it if it expires all by itself.
But if the TROWinHttpServer could manage something similar i would stick to that(a little example or doc page would be appreciated).



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TROWinHttpServer is a wrapper for Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP).
Simple options is handled by TROWinHttpServer, but some advanced ones like SSL can be configured via special program (netsh).

see more at