Deployment testing with Hydra 4 Trial and Delphi XE3

We are evaluating deployment with the trial of RemObjects Hydra 4, but the trial does not provide the .DCU files for static linking with our Delphi application. We would like to be able to test deployment on other systems before we buy. Is there a way for us to do an end-to-end test, either through static linking or dynamic linking with Hydra (preferably static linking)? Our timeline for release is still several months aways, so we would like to start our activation period for support and updates at that date.

We are also interested to know how much static linking Hydra adds to the size of our .exe file (Delphi XE3). Do you have an estimate for this?

it adds ~1.9 MB

if host and plugin were created with Delphi, they have to use packages otherwise it won’t work.
however if mix of platforms is present: .NET host and delphi plugins or vice versa, it may be created with static linking.