Deserizing JSON from a non RO Server in Delphi 7


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JSON deserializers in Delphi 7 are not abundantly available and Elements is not an option here so I was wondering is it possible to get some JSON from our server (non RO Server) and have Remoting SDK libs consume the JSON and deserialize it so I can get access to the objects inside? All the JSON is in an array format.

The JSON is in this format.


From reading here it seems that if I can get this JSON into a JSONMessage object I might be able to look through and get all the objects in this JSON Array.

A. Can I use RO SDK to do this JSON Serialization
B. How could I do it

Thanks so much!

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This is no longer relevant. I figured out a solution. Thanks to everyone who read this thread. :slight_smile:

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have you transformed array ([...]) into object ({...}) ?