Different RO SDK versions for different Delphi

Hi All,

I just installed version of RO SDK. Installed for D7, D2010 and DBerlin. When I open D7 and D2010 and look at the about for RO for the version it is but when I open DBerlin and check it is showing an older version When I installed I installed for all 3 versions. Any ideas why DBerlin would show an older version?


it could use package from non-standard location.
standard one is …\Dcu\D24\win32 relative to delphi sources.

or during installing of RO something went wrong. pls see %RO%\log.html for details.
it should contains only green items.

Is it possible to have different version of RO SDK with different versions of Delphi installed on the same computer?

what versions of SDK would you like to use?

Delphi 7 - v6.0.51.901
Delphi Berlin 10.1 - (or more recent)

yes, you can use these versions installed on the same computer.

  • uninstall RO SDK, if it was installed
  • install into one folder
  • install into another folder

Note: Service Builder will be used from modern version of RO SDK and it will generate code incompatible with v6.0.51 version. RODL format wasn’t changed, so it can be used for editing RODL

One more question :slight_smile:

Is the most recent version of Remoting SDK compatible with Delphi 7. It looks like it is but just want to verify.


It is, yes.

Same problem here. Before it was:

  • Delphi 2007 with RO
  • Delphi XE2 with RO
    Then i installed RIO with RO 10. Everything has been overwritten then. I uninstalled RO.
  • Installed in a separate Folder for D2007.
  • But with RO i can not choose another folder now. Neither with RO10
    Please help Howto?


our modern versions of RO detect previous installation and override files in it.
what I can suggest: before installing the newest version backup old product folder (RemObjects SDK for Delphi), install the newest version and then extract archive into new location, like c:\RO7\RemObjects SDK for Delphi.

Hi, i would prefer to choose the installation folder also with modern versions. Because if i move the previous installed old version to another path: will it work anyway? Or do i have to edit the paths of the old versions for different IDE’s?

this one.

O.K. But:

  • im’able to install RO 7 first in a specific folder for XE2 only --> works
  • then install RO 6 in another specific folder for D2007 only --> works
    In this state - both IDE’s work with their RO version.
    Now: how could i install RO10 for Delphi Rio in addition. Could one do that somehow manually? Or set a switch to the installer to choose a separate path? Or edit somehow the path the installer will choose in the registry?

ROD Installer uses InstallDir key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RemObjects\RemObjects SDK for Delphi

note: Everwood always is installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Everwood

Id do not understand this one. This means i have to use the older Servicebuilder for the older versions? Because Servicebuilder is in common path. But you wrote also: it can be used for editing RODL. But its incompatible? Kind of confuses me sorry.

Modern versions of ServiceBuilder use RemObjects.SDK.CodeGen4.dll that is placed to GAC so it will generate incompatible _Intf, _Invk and _Impl because it contains v10 compatible generator (we have a lot of breaking changes since v6)

better workaround for you - install ROD v6, ROD v7 and RO v10 into personal virtual machines so each installation will use ServiceBuilder from specific version of RO.

No sorry. This is not usable at all. Other question: is the old servicebuilder availabe as a standalone version. Maybe there is one to fit RO v6 and v7?

you can use one that is shipped with RO6 or/and RO7. if you store RemObjects SDK (Common) folder after installing RO6/RO7, it can be considered as standalone

I want to install RO 9.4 for Delphi 10.3 Rio,but it not listing in installation wizard please assist.
Is there any other way to install.

Please find attached screenshot.

You can manually build and install packages but i doubt RO 9.4 will works with Rio.