Directory separator

Ok, I’m testing Train now. First thing I try is the following:

shell.exec(“c:/Program Files (x86)/CollabNet/svn.exe checkout svn:// d:/Bar/Source”);

D:\BuildMachine\Train>train Bar.train
RemObjects Train - JavaScript-based build automation
Copyright © RemObjects Software, 2012. All rights reserved.
script(Bar.train) {
shell.exec(c:\Program Files (x86)\CollabNet\svn.exe checkout svn:\\bar d:\Bar\Source undefined) {
Error when calling Process.Execute: The system cannot find the file specified
} shell.exec(c:\Program Files (x86)\CollabNet\svn.exe checkout svn:\\bar d:\Bar\Source)
} script

Seems like there’s a trouble when mixing slashes and back-slashes in one line. I was playing with path.directorySeperator (as well as various combinations of slashes), but no success.

So, how should I properly use shell.exec() in my case?

Vladimir Kudelin

Btw, just noticed…

Train wiki says: path.directorySep***e***rator.

Is that a typo in the documentation or in the method name?

Fixed the typo. thanks!
what you want to do here is split it in two, args generally are separate:
shell.exec(“c:/Program Files (x86)/CollabNet/svn.exe”, “checkout svn:// d:/Bar/Source”);