Documentation and brokenlink class

(joseasl) #1

Elements documentation is full of items with “brokenlink” class. But they are not even links.
So almost every keyword in documentation is crossed out.
.brokenlink {
color: #808080;
text-decoration: line-through;

(Carlo Kok) #2

The reason they’re not links is that the target article isn’t written yet. If the link did work you’d end up with a 404 error. We’re doing another update cycle soon.

(joseasl) #3

But sometimes it gives the impression it’s indicating a deprecated feature, or something that has been corrected. I think just not being a link is enough. Maybe another color, but not crossed out.


(joseasl) #4

I keep thinking this should ne changed. That line-through style makes you think there are features not supported.

(marc hoffman) #5

i’ll have a look at tweaking the css on monday.