Documentation not generated


Using Delphi 10.3.3 & RODA

Created a code first service.
The documentation of the service is generated, but the documentation (and definition) of structs, enums, etc. is not.

[RODocumentation(‘Defines the type of export.’)]
TExportType = (etCSV, etJSON);

I’m missing something, but I can’t figure out exactly what’s missing…
Can someone point me in the right direction.




Unused types (enums, arrays, struct) aren’t included into auto-generated RODL and documentation.

workaround: try to use TExportType somewhere.

Hi Evgeny

Obviously types as TExportType are used in several methods in the service. This is even a parameter of a servicemethod.

But still this is not included in the documentation.

So, using that type somewhere is not suitable :wink:
Any other hints?



check this simple testcase: (91.3 KB)

Hi Evgeny

I just got a step further…
Removing the [ROLibraryAttributes(TLibraryAttributes)] attribute generates the wanted documentation.


So, what’s the exact purpose of the ROLibraryAttributes? How to use this? (can’t find it in the docs)



this class is used for storing RODL library attributes in autogenerated _Intf.

  NewStruct = class(TROComplexType)

as a result our CodeFirst support can detect RODL attributes where NewStruct is put

this attribute is designed for _Intf that is created from RODL.

Also the TLibraryAttributes class allows to read RODL attributes on client-side:

it can be usable if you put RODL version to custom attributes.

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