Does Hydra depend on delphi version?

Once again I am checking if we can use Hydra in our applications.
Most delphi plugins suffer in that the plugin is dependend on the Delphi version making them unusable for us.
So the question is : if we have a running application where the customer provided the visual plugin (Visual Studio, .NET, c#), can we switch in the future to, say, Delphi 10.5 and deliver an update without the need to update the plugin too ?
I am not talking about new features, new classes or new components, but a new VCL and RTL.
The plugin will use a delphi form that we provide to display itself.


if you are using cross-platform interfaces and avoid passing delphi objects between host and plugin, you can use different versions of delphi for host and plugins:


we have the Cross Platform sample that demonstrates this case.

pay attention that plugin should exports HYGetCrossPlatformModule method and doesn’t the HYGetModuleController one.

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Hi Evgeny,
that sounds reasonable and is what I hoped for.
One more question : will the customer be able to debug his plugin while it is communicating with our delphi app ?
Normally they will use visual studio with C#.


it shouldn’t be any issue - your customers can specify Delphi host as host executable in VS so they will be able to debug their plugin