Does not afterLogin event handler work in trial version?

(davut) #1


I couldn’t accomplish to run afterLogin event handler on Relativity Server. I’m using latest trial v6.0.55.957.

The steps I’ve followed
1- Installing latest data abstract for delphi trail
2- Running relativity.exe
3- Adding the event handler below to PCTrade schema on the Relativity Server

function afterLogin(userName, parameters)
log(“calling afterLogin event handler”);

4- Using the “Multi Level Details” delphi sample “Use Relativity Server” checked
5- Checking the Relativity Server’s log and nothing appears

Am I doing something wrong?


(marc hoffman) #2

There should be no differences between full and trial version; if this indeed doesn’t work it sounds like a bug…

(andreyt) #3


Please note that afterLogin/beforeLogin events are Domain-level events, not Schema-level.

Unfortunately afterLogin/beforeLogin events are not exposed in the Schema Modeler, but they still can be set via direct edit of the Domain configuration file.

Sorry for inconvenience.

(marc hoffman) #4

note to self, we need to expose the per-domain script file in DASM, asap. logging an issue.

Using events in Relativity Server to change ConnectionName
(marc hoffman) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://54027 for review
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(davut) #6

I’m sorry for late response. Thank you for your answers.