Does not recognize a file as a resource in the manifest Elements 2525 water

I have defined several resource files in a water project: styles.xml and colors.xml when I add the files it does not mark them as resource (mark as none) later I define them as content but in the manifest it gives an error: theme = “@styles/AppTheme”

E: aapt: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘theme’ with value ‘@ styles / AppTheme’). [C: \ Users \ Miguel \ AppData \ Local \ RemObjects Software \ EBuild \ Obj \, jjj-B88899F485718FEEAD40BDDFA83A25DF3C8B818F \ Debug \ Cooper-Android \ AndroidManifest.xml (7)]
Project ‘, jjj’ failed to build.
Later I defined these files as EmbeddedResource but it keeps giving the same error.
What is the reason for not recognizing these resource files?
I attach an example project with the error.,jjj.7z (29.8 KB)

sorry i found a mistake

For native Windows, you cannot just embed any file as resource, it needs to be packaged as a .res file. IIRC you can also add a .rc file and have the .res created during build.

thanks marc

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