Does the Elements compiler ignore the VS build configuration?

I am messing around with the Internet Pack.

Not all of the platforms will build. I don’t have the Cooper path set on this desktop because I’m not using Java at the moment. Not really worried about the Apple platforms at the moment either (at least not until you can figure out why Crossbox isn’t working for me).

I’ve gone into the build Configuration Manager and told it not to build RemObjects.InternetPack.Cooper and all of the Toffee projects.

I’ve made a change to the TcpClient and want to build the Island.Windows platform. Visual Studio reports that the JDK folder was not found and that Crossbox could not connect to my Mac. These are disabled in the configuration manager so it shouldn’t even be trying to build those platforms right now.

Very curious. this should be between Visual Studio and MSBuild, as VS uses MSBuild to build the solution, and only calls into EBuild (our build chain) for each project individually. If a project is disabled, it would never even get to the place where we have any change to even try and build it…

I’ll ask my college to have a look. Workaround until then: can you just remove the platforms you don’t need from th solution? Of it you just need a single one, open that project indivdually.

jic, can I see full (“Detailed” level) build log?

Nevermind I guess

I launched VS again to answer your question and now it is working properly.