Driver Lib


In a server 2019, I have 2 version FB3.0 (run as service with default port) and FB5.0(run as application and port 3054). FB3.0 is the main server and generate the default firebird client library.

If DA server connects to the FB3.0 , all is working .
If DA server connect to the FB5.0, it complains with “cannot load vendor library fbclient.dll”, I already put the fb5.0 version library file DA server in the same path.

How can I set the driver library in FireDAC connection String?
or Any advise to solve it as I need two FB server running togather ( 2 DA server connect to 3.0, anoither 1 DA connect FB5.0)


I solved , it is missing component in server and need install back the component in order to use the vendor library.

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