Driver SQL.NET Schema Modeler

I cannot export SQL database to modeler schema. There is an error message: unable to open database file please tell me with the settings. The my delphi version is RIO prof. Thank you


Could you please show the connection string used in that connection? You can sen it to support@ if it contains sensitive info

Thanks in advance

My connection string is
SQLite.NET?DateTimeKind=Utc;Data Source=\Mac\Home\Documents\datodo.sqlite.db;
I’m trying your To-Do example for delphi.

Thanks in advance

Are you sure that the path you used in the Data Source (\Mac\Home\Documents\datodo.sqlite.db) is correct? It should point to an existing database file, however I am not sure that a Windows host would accept such path as a correct one.

Thank you for answer. I solved the problem. I created a directory ( C:\Database\ ). I copied the db file to it and I already connect the database.

Thank You