Dual HTTP/HTTPs server


I currently have a running server with a TROSynapseSuperHTTPServer instance serving clients using TROSynapseSuperHTTPChannel all of this with an AES envelope on a binary message.
I have been asked to add the possibility to configure the server so that it may optionally use a file based SSL certificate while keeping the following capabilities:

BindV4: true
BindV6: true
MinSizeForGZipEncoding: 1
ServerInfoPage: false
ServeRODL: false

There is no need for older clients to be able to talk to a SSL enabled client as this would pose a security risk.

Looking around here, there were messages saying that the Synapse based classes do not support SSL, but they all date back a few years and things may have changed since then. In particular, I see that there is a file called ssl_openssl.pas that hints at “transparent” support when the appropriate OpenSLL DLLs are distributed alongside the application binary.

Thanks for any suggestion


Synapse library was unchanged for several years but I see it was changed recently and they have added OpenSSL v3 support.

I’ll review their changes and update shipped version to the latest revision.

as a workaround, I can suggest to use TROSuperHTTPServer and TROSuperHTTPChannel that supports SSL.

this article can be useful for you - SSL/TLS (Delphi)

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Logged as bugs://D19414.

Thanks for that.

Do you know if the channel handles the 301 permanent return code?
This way I could have a dummy server listen on the original port that replies with that 301 redirect and get clients to automatically use HTTPs if configured to do so.


my bad - we have only server-side (TROSuperHTTPServer) and no client-side.

client-side can be

  • TROGrijjySuperHttpChannel
  • TROIndySuperHttpChannel
  • TROSynapseSuperHttpChannel

bugs://D19414 was closed as fixed.


latest Synapse snapshot

I’ve tested it with OpenSSL v3 unit (ssl_openssl3.pas).

  • client channels work as expected
  • TROSynapseSuperTCPServer supports SSL.
  • TROSynapseHTTPServer and TROSynapseSuperHTTPServer don’t support SSL

Thanks for this, I’ll see what I can come up with

It works quite well indeed.
Any idea if this update will be included in a future version of the SDK?


already included into .1581


I believe there was an issue in packaging the latest snapshot as I can’t see the ssl_openssl3.pas source file along with a few other new files in the Synapse folder.
The prexisting files have been updated just fine but there are at least 6 new files:


Did I miss something here? Or should I wait for a later package?


Thx for report.

I’ve attached Synapse folder:
Synapse.zip (401.4 KB)

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