Duplicate entries in references

After installing the latest version of Element, the solution references are displayed twice:

I take it they aren’t actually duplicated in the project? yes this show for any project or just a specific one? all References or only project references? what version of VS?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83544

Hi Marc,

  1. They’re not duplicated in the project.
  2. They show for each project I looked at.
  3. Only for project references.
  4. VS 2019 (as said in the tags).

Additional note: If I remove the reference and add it again, the references are displayed correctly!
If I look at the .elements file, the references are the same, but they are moved in another <ItemGroup>

Additional note 2: The references are not displayed correctly in the Properties:

I assume after reload they’re back to dupes?

Looks correct to me?

Strangely, not!
The solution was a new one started last week and the .elements file was completely generated by VS. Another old solution shows the same thing.
As I don’t look at the references always, I don’t know exactly when it comes first.

In the .element file the reference is:

<ProjectReference Include="..\..\ChromeLib\Base\OrdinaSoft.Base.oxygene">

This is not the same path and what VS shows seems confusing.

Ok. can we get a before and after test case? something must be different.

What’s not the same path as what? there’s no path (except for the Hint Path, which is not definitive, and only a fallback). By definition, as project reference will resolve to a dynamic path determined at build time from the referenced project.

Sent you a private message with the files.

VS shows a path in the …/EBuild/Obj/… folder, not the place where the project is.

Right. because that’s where the actual .dll is.

bugs://83544 got closed with status fixed.