DynamicWhere string constant serialization changes CRLF to LF in a value

I have discovered that the constant value of a DynamicWhere constraint is changed during a transport to a server. The XML seems to still contain CRLF, but the deserialized value contains only LF, which causes the record not to be found (e.g. in a search for a value entered by a user). What can I do about it? Thanks.

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This does sound like a bug, yeah.

Of course, this should now matter, but this might help us narrow it down: are both client and server Windows systems, or is the server per chance running on Linux or macOS?

Yes, both client and server are Windows only.

Logged as bugs://D19385.


Looks like, this is a “feature” of MSXML to convert CRLF to LF …

as a temporary workaround, you can use OpenXML:
add to RemObjects_user.inc these lines:

{$UNDEF RemObjects_MSXML}
{$UNDEF RemObjects_NextGenXML}
{$DEFINE RemObjects_OpenXML}

bugs://D19385 was closed as fixed.