EBuild: Status

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This pinned topic will keep track of the current status of EBuild. My current goal/timeline is to have EBuild useable for all tool chains by end of November, and be the default tool chain in Fire and Water by end of December.

How to Use EBuild

  • In Fire or Water: check the “Use EBuild” setting in Fire|Preferences / Tools|Options
  • From the command line: run ebuild or ebuild.exe against a .sln or .elements file


Update" EBuild status can now be found at https://docs.elementscompiler.com/Compiler/EBuild/Status/.

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Have you been working on nuget package resolution recently ?

The last time I tried it didn’t really work that well.

Also is it possible to move some of my posts ? I have some that start with “EBuild” and I think they are still relevant.

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Not recently. tat said, the only open/outstanding reported issue i am aware if is that it favors newer pre-release packages over the latest release version, when it shouldn’t (that i can repro, just haven’t gotten around to it). If there’s anything else not working well, i must have missed the reports, if any.

Will look for them and do.