Edit/changed dataservice, now get errors executing query in DA SQL Browser

managed yesterday with Service Builder to change the dataservice structure: dataservice became abstract and a new dataservicemain derived from dataservice was introduced. (RODL file attached)
The abstract dataservice module carries all needed components for derived services as I want to split schema and add dedicated dataservices.

CentralServer.zip (823 Bytes)

In DA SQL Browser selecting DataserviceMain in dropdown schema loads fine but executing queries, I get the following error

2023-02-24 05_48_30-Data Browser


Edit: adding server error messages


I cannot reproduce this error:

according to code, TDAServerDatasetCollection has default items:

  TDADatasetCollection = class(TDASQLCommandCollection)
    property Datasets[Index: Integer]: TDADataset read GetDatasets write SetDatasets; default;

  TDAServerDatasetCollection = class(TDADatasetCollection)

Can you create a simple testcase that reproduces this case, pls?
You can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy

Logged as bugs://D19324.