Edit different file types

Is it possible to configure what file types Fire can open ?

I added a text file with an extension .template to a project but Im unable to view it. I would really like to be able to tell Fire that its ok to treat this an a regular text file.


Not currently, I’m afraid; the filetypes are hardcoded towhead eat as text, what as image, and what as otherwise supported or (the rest) as unknown files.

I’ll think about what I can do here; bit I don’t wanna open any (potential binary) file in the text editor…

What about if you had a menuitem like copy to output and I check it if I want to be able to edit it as a text file ?

I’ll probably do something along those lines, yes. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it sounds, architecturally, because at that stage, the file type is already decided and a concrete class repressing the file and its type Is in play. SO this needs some thought and refactoring.

A custom list of file extensions to be treated as text would be easier to do…

I think I prefer the former and would rather wait for that :slight_smile:

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