Edit ui with android studio

(Mohd Helmi Mohd Shariff) #1

May I know how to edit android design using android studio? For ios, when I click .xib file it will open xcode.

(marc hoffman) #2

You can right-Click the project node and chose Edit in Android Studio. See https://docs.elementscompiler.com/Fire/ExternalDesigners/EditingAndroidXMLFilesInAndroidStudio/ for more details.

(Mohd Helmi Mohd Shariff) #3

When I edit in Android Studio (add a button) and save it. No changes happen to file main.layout-xml.

(Mohd Helmi Mohd Shariff) #4

I try to follow tutorial in “Your first Android App in Fire” but when I right click main.layout-xml it not appear “edit user interface files in Android Studio”

(marc hoffman) #5

Right-click the PROJECT node. not the individual .xml file.

(marc hoffman) #6

What build of Fire are you using? If you’re using last weeks beta, there’s a known issue about detecting external file changes that should be fixed for tomorrow’s build.

(Mohd Helmi Mohd Shariff) #7

Ver 10 build 5 Jan. I will wait for next build to test it again.