Edit user interface in android studio from visual studio 2017

(Larry Hatfield) #1

I’ve tried to search through the articles but I haven’t found a solution that works for me yet

I’ve just started experimenting with elements/swift using vs2017 as the IDE and I try to create an android project, then “select edit user interface files in android studio” from the project menu… I get the message “could not start studio64.exe Please set the path to android studio”

I do have android studio installed and I can run it directly, however since I had the android SDK installed previously they are not located in the same place

I’ve explicitly set the system path to include the path to studio64.exe , but nothing seems to work.

Is there another path that i need to set within visual studio?

any help would be greatly appreciated


You should configure the Android Studio path in Visual Studio 2017:
Go to Tools --> Options menu.
In options window look for: Projects and solutions --> RemObjects Elements --> Java Settings
Then, you only have to set your real “Android Studio path” (and Android SDK, Java runtime and Java SDKs paths if necessary).

(Larry Hatfield) #3

Thanks for the good advice, I hadn’t thought to look there and while I searched the settings for the word android, it didn’t bring that up as an option to change. Anyway, I’ve made the change and now the error has changed, now it says “cannot start android srtudio, the system cannot find the file specified”

What file is it looking for? I must be missing something