Element might not be indented properly: ***My Bad Found!***

I worked on a complex method in another editor & copied it back into the project. I did not notice that created TWO (2), Method Begin Statements.

What can cause “Element might not be indented properly”?
It is occurring only in case statements, but not all of 'em, e.g.

Case MyVar ofMsg: Element might not be indented properly
… .
End; //EndCASE MyVar

More puzzling, these are Case statement that have been working for a long time. So must be related to other code not flagged.

As an explanation for whats going on here: while of course indentation does not matter int any Elements languages, this warning was introduced (a) to help keep code clean but more so (b) to help diagnosing mismatched begin/end or {/} pairs:


if x then begin
  if x then begin
   if x then begin
     if x then begin
      if x then begin
  end; // helpful warning here
// probably some obscure error here

Thanks Marc, the word “indented” did not seem related to Begin End, but I’ll remember if it happens again.

It could be any other block keywords too, like case/end, or repeat/until, as well