Elements 2513: Stability

Yesterday, I tried to upgrade my Elements development environment from 2409 to 2513. The results were quite discouraging, because none of my current projects, which work under 2409, compiled under 2513. I am worried because the problems seem non-trivial and not easy to fix.

I am using MS Visual Studio 2017 (an old installation, but updated yesterday) and MS Visual Studio 2019 (a brand new installation).

I will try to prepare test cases and send them to you in my next messages, but my first rant is about stability. Both VS 2017 and 2019 appear very unstable. While editing, they use a high percentage of CPU and break often. Sometimes, typing is impossible due to a very slow response. I am getting messages like

Annotation 2020-06-11 101728

I have no idea how to tackle this problem, so any idea would be welcome.

Another message in MS VS 2019:

together with activity log:

ActivityLog.xml (98.8 KB)

Can you try 2521? We essentially replaced the entire underlying project system in VS since 2513, and it should be much more performa nt and stable now.


Ok, I’ll try 2521. I just want to move forward from 2409, so the more recent the version the better.

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This morning, with .2521, at the end of a build:


That is strange. I am using Visual Studio 2019 frequently with Elements .2521, and it seems fine

Any further steps for this? did this happen just the one time?

An old ASP.NET Web Site solution, big…

Sometimes, but not always or one time…

:frowning: even bigger than the one you sent last time?

any chance we can get this solution? next time this happens, can you try and attach as second copy of VS as debugger and see what it’s stuck on?


I only have one ASP.NET Web Site solution, so it should be the same… with added code from last time :innocent:
It’s also big because I add all the dependent assemblies, otherwise you could not build it.

Yes I can upload a version. In a private message.

Difficult because I have to see that it blocks and then there remains about 10 seconds to start a new VS instance, to attach and to break it.

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Yeah, makes sense. If it happens often enough, maybe attach the debugger beforehand, so when it hangs, you have ample time to just switch over and hit Pause?