Elements and cooper jar namespaces


Why these libraries use different namespace cases?

cooper.jar -> uses remobject.elements
elements.jar-> uses RemObjects.Elements and remobject.elements

Here are some screenshots from java decompiler :



I’ve checked other jar files and the naming logic is the same. There are even two case-different namespaces in one jar. Why?

Because within the same project two jars are using similar namespaces (but with different cases), some JAVA verifiers and protectors find such projects as corrupted.

Ideally, Elements Cooper should have a switch to produce always lowercase package names and namespaces to avoid such conflicts.

Can you explain this issue?

I believe that was supposed to be fixed recently, but I’ll have a look… Is this with latest?

Can you show me which types from RTL and Delphi RTL still show as having the lower-case namespaces?

Thanks, logged as bugs://85222

Yes, the latest build.

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bugs://85222 got closed with status fixed.

Hi again,
Duplicates from the first post are fixed but :

these red marked namespaces :

  1. are they aliases?
  2. shouldn’t they be in one case (lowercase)?

Yes, the old com. ailiases are there for backward compatibility.

As for the second block, I’ll reopen the issue :(.

bugs://85222 got reopened.

Is there a compiler option for Java to generate the output of all namespaces as lowercase?

Not at this time, no.

bugs://85222 got closed with status fixed.

The latest version and another case mismatch :
Remobjects or RemObjects ? For Java, it really matters :wink: Anyway, it’s strange for Java developers to see uppercase namespaces.
Is it possible to have a compiler/linker option to lowercase all namespaces regardless of typed name cases?

That shoukld get fixed; checking.

you can write them lowercase if you want, we treat namespaces as n to case sensitive in Elements/Cooper fort this exact reason. But they can t"officially’ be lowercase, as then they’d also be on the other platforms…


I guess what we could do is have CC show/insert them lower-case, when in a Cooper project… I’ll bring this up for discussion.

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