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Oxygene/Elements/Delphi RTL all look good enough for me to get the free trial to pursue it; however, I can’t find the license terms I’d be under were I to buy it. Can someone supply the License terms? I assume as is common, without seeing it, that, at minimum, I can have a copy on my prime desktop & my laptop for work while away? I would prefer to be able to put a copy on my local Desktop/Server/Backup machine so I can immediately keep working if my main computer crashes. I lost a c-drive one day & it took days to get another drive, build it & get back to work, so now I have a 2nd computer with Win10 & Win Server for testing, & a backup machine.


you can find your official EULA at http://remobjects.com/eula, and also check out https://www.remobjects.com/licensingfaq for more details.

Our products are licensed per named developer, not er machine. So no worries, you are allowed to install your license on as many machines (real or VMs) as you see fit, provided you are the only person using the product. (conversely, for two people to use the product, two licenses would be needed, even in the (unlikely) case where both people would be sharing the same computer :).

In addition, we do not employ any physical “activation” mechanism. As long as you have a copy of your license file, you would even be able too install and enable a licensed copy on a new computer without any internet connection, simply by manually providing the perevilsukly saved.backed-up license file. That said, in general operation, license files or licenses are not something you need to worry about — you simply log in with our user account and password into the product (say in VS or Water), and the product takes care of the rest.

how does that sound?


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Thanks, marc, ya done good again. I’ve downloaded it & now will try it. Hope I don’t have to pester u too much.

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Cool! Let me known what you think!

No worries, that’s what we’re here for :wink:

This is one of the reasons I like RemObjects guys. Cool, and fair.

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