Elements Windows installer doesn't clean up completely

If a new version is installed over the old version, the old assemblies still remain in the following folders:


It’s not a big deal but can cause version mismatch problems. I delete them manually after every install.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84889

fixed these. not sure about


since those are redistributable, and might have also been installed/needed by a different Elements-build app you have installed. The GAC has no install count, welcome to .DLL Hell…

All I know is that after I installed .2545 and did manual cleanup for .2525 leftovers, only .2545 files were in these two folders.

When I installed .2549 on top of .2545, these two folders contained both assembly versions, rather than only .2549.

But I understand your dilemma, as far as I’m concerned I don’t have a problem doing some manual cleanup from time to time. After all, we’re talking about Windows.

bugs://84889 got closed with status fixed.

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FTR, we decided to leave Echoes.dll and Elements.dll in place, as mentioned above.

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