Error connecting to DataBase using MySQL Driver 8.0.29 and above


We`re facing an issue while connecting to MySql DataBase. We get the following error while in runtime:

Using this command:

We only got successfully connection using MySql.Data 8.0.28 as requested.

Is there any binding of Data Abstract and MySQL.Data dll version?

Environment: Window 10
Data Abstract Version: RemObjects Data Abstract for Water and Visual Studio, Server Edition -
MySQL Connector: 8.0.30


Hi Gregorio,

From the message, it looks like the system simply isn’t able t locate the .dll for MySql.Data version 8.0.28(.0). Do you have it deployed next to your server application or in the GAC?

Note that I believe we don’t ship this .dll, for licensing reasons (it requires GPL or a commercial/payed MySQL license), so this driver is provided as “bring your own MySQL”…


Yes, we`ve put dll 8.0.28 and it works fine.

But we already have version up to 8.0.31 and it doen`t works.



Check C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract for .NET\Source\RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server\DataAbstract.daConfig file.

it contains

      <AssemblyName Value="MySql.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c5687fc88969c44d" />

try to update version in this file

pls read the How can I rebuild Remoting SDK for .NET assemblies (.NET)? article.
the same can be applied to Data Abstract for .NET.


I think that’s is the matter.

Thanks for the answer.

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I tried to rebuild the project but a file is missing



check PM


put updated DataAbstract.daConfig near to RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.dll. it will load driver configuration from it.

It can be used w/o rebuilding RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.dll

check also

It worked this way, I’ve put the daConfig next RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.dll, it read the new config from this file, with MySql.Data 8.0.30


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