Error: exception occurred on the server: specified method is not supported

(mahmoud EL SAWAH) #1

Hello can i have your help with this error?
i manage to have access to the server from the windows server explorer, but not on mac, i have to refresh like a 100 times to get it to work…

(mahmoud EL SAWAH) #5

it seems to be random, but it’s pretty anoying

(antonk) #6


Just to clarify:

  1. Windows Relativity AdminTool works with the same Relativity Server instance w/o any issues
  2. Mac Server Explorer sometimes works and sometimes fails on the same server instance

Am I right?

(mahmoud EL SAWAH) #7

That’s exactly the situation
here is a video:

(marc hoffman) #8

Do you see any additional output or exception message in

Can you by any chance attach the Xcode (or Fire or even just lldb) debugger to Schema Modeler, set it top break on exceptions, and see if that gives us more details (I can give you more detailed steps for Xcode or Fire, if needed)…

(mahmoud EL SAWAH) #9

here it is error.txt (966.8 KB)

(marc hoffman) #10

Thank you. I’ll have a detailed look at the log first thing in the morning.