Error importing Maui packages

i was trying to get/import the maui nuget packages and i get these error for every package:

E: Exception processing package reference Microsoft.Maui.Graphics.Win2D.WinUI.Desktop:* : Illegales Zeichen im Pfad.

Hmm. Can I get the full (Diagnostic & Rebuild) log?

MauiApplication.elements (2.7 KB)

ReferencesResolve.txt (14.5 KB)

MauiApplication 1.bugreport.txt (42.9 KB)

Hope this helps…

Very curious; here for me it just fails with

E:                      Package Microsoft.Maui.Essentials matching version * was not found in any repositories.

— which may or may not be valid; but not with the “bad path” error. I’ll noted to investigate more, that one might be specific to Windows.

But, none of these Maui.* packages seem to exist in


RegistrationsBaseUrl - advertised by the repo – gives 404

I don’t think im doing anything wrong here, that package does not exist on that repo (or is hidden).

Awesome. Microsoft added an entirely new format for querying packages, and it seems this package is only available off you just the new format. Because the the f**k not.

I’m investigating and will try to implement support for new new format for this week; it’s mostly working, except now I need fid a Gzip implementation for Cocoa :frowning:

I’ve uploaded a potential fix for you. “RemObjects Elements -” should install on top of (and keep) the previous “.2922 with Water” build.

Thank you, i will investigate :slight_smile:

Sorry, maybe i’m stupid, cannot find any personal download… (?)

Hi Marc,

Resolving the packages now seems to work :slight_smile:
(But Water crashes)
BuildEx.txt (276 Bytes)

Curious. is

“Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.”

German for an Null Reference Exception? or a different error? I could have sworn that NRE used a different messge that was less stelzböckig, but I dont use German .NET… :wink:

Hello Andreas,

Could you describe how the crash happens - you just open your project with Maui packages and it crashes after resolving references or maybe you added the new one and then crash? We can’t reproduce crash with elements file you provided us.
Would be great if you give us the full testcase reproducing the problem.

Best regards

Hi Marc,

obviously this is a NRE

Resolving references is without error

Resolve.txt (16.6 KB)

But instantly after calling Build/Run/Rebuild it crashes.

MauiApplication (31.3 KB)

hm. this NRE happens only for this one project, not any others? that’s… weird.

FWIW, for us it fails to build with

E:                   Unknown namespace "System.Windows.Forms" in uses list [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (7)]
E:                   Unknown identifier "MessageBox" [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (38)]
E:                   Unknown type "ApplicationContext" [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (24)]
E:                   Unknown identifier "Application", did you mean "Microsoft.Maui.Controls.PlatformConfiguration.AndroidSpecific.AppCompat.Application"? [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (26)]
E:                   Unknown identifier "Application", did you mean "Microsoft.Maui.Controls.PlatformConfiguration.AndroidSpecific.AppCompat.Application"? [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (27)]
E:                   Unknown identifier "Application", did you mean "Microsoft.Maui.Controls.PlatformConfiguration.AndroidSpecific.AppCompat.Application"? [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (28)]
E:                   No overloaded method "OnThreadException" with 0 parameters on type "Program" [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (28)]
H:                   Best matching overload is "class method OnThreadException(sender: Object; e: ThreadExceptionEventArgs)" [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (28)]
E:                   Unknown identifier "Application", did you mean "Microsoft.Maui.Controls.PlatformConfiguration.AndroidSpecific.AppCompat.Application"? [/Users/mh/Downloads/MauiApp/Program.pas (30)]

but no NRE on build.