Error Running R.O. Server in latest Water build


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In the latest version of Water 2331 when I run my R.O. Server it crashes. I believe it is trying to build the RODL file and having a problem with this. This was all working fine in 2326, however, I have seen this problem in earlier versions of Elements/Water. I am not using a RODL file. Maybe it is in the way I set up my complex objects but again it was working fine. I don’t get any compile errors, just when I try to run the server. This is a screenshot of the errors. Let me know if there is any more info I can provide. Thanks!

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that’s not really an error; that’s just Water breaking on exceptions.

Debug/Stop on Exceptions should make it not stop there (alternatively you can just ignore by pressing F5 to coninue)

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wow, thanks Carlo. Been using Water for over a year and I didn’t know about that. lol Should I be concerned it is raising an exception there? Sorry if that is too broad of a question.

Thanks for the help!

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No, there is nothing to be worry about here. This exception is a part of the single-instance check process. It doesn’t affect stability of the app or its performance in any way.

Still I’ll try to redesign this single-instance check code to avoid raising an exception here.


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Thanks, logged as bugs://81130

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you can add this specific exception to the ignore list in Exception Manager, via the Debug Menu.

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Cool, nice tip. Thanks Marc!

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bugs://81130 got closed with status fixed.