Error sending data 12002.Time limit exceed

I have a combo service and client .net and delhpi which works like a charm on my machine and my server.
And Yes, its not working on our customer machine :smile:
.NET client threw this:
RemObjects.SDK.Types.ServerException: An exception occurred on the server: Error sending data: (12002) Time Limit Exceed
in RemObjects.SDK.SoapMessage.InternalReadFromStream(Stream stream) in c:\ci\b\rofx\932\RemObjects SDK for .NET\Source\RemObjects.SDK\Messages\SoapMessage.cs:line462
in RemObjects.SDK.Message.ReadFromStream(Stream stream) in c:\ci\b\rofx\932\RemObjects SDK for .NET\Source\RemObjects.SDK\Messages\Message.cs:line196
in RemObjects.SDK.IpHttpClientChannel.IntDispatch(Stream request, IMessage response) in c:\ci\b\rofx\932\RemObjects SDK for .NET\Source\RemObjects.SDK\ClientChannels\IpHttpClientChannel.cs:line 411
in RemObjects.SDK.ClientChannel.Dispatch(IMessage message) in c:\ci\b\rofx\932\RemObjects SDK for .NET\Source\RemObjects.SDK\ClientChannels\ClientChannel.cs:wiersz 340

There is a problem also .net and delphi client.
.NET framework the same,
mine OS - Win10 Pro(local dev machine) and Win Server 2012, works on both
theirs OS - Win Server 2016
Yes ive tried to extend time limits.


It seems that the error message comes from the server side. Please check what happens there. It seems that the server method tries to perform some web request to a remote host and fails.