Error when using Date (not DateTime) field in dynamic where in NexusDB


I have a table with a Date field (not a DateTime field) in a NexusDB table. I’m trying to execute a query with a DynamicWhere on that field:

with vDynamicWhere do
    AddExpressionSearch(NewBinaryExpressionList([NewBinaryExpression(NewField('POR', 'Date'),
      NewConstant(edtStartDate.EditValue, datDateTime), dboGreaterOrEqual), NewBinaryExpression(NewField('POR', 'Date'),
      NewConstant(edtEndDate.EditValue + 1, datDateTime), dboLess)], dboAnd));

But I’m getting this error:


This is because the DynamicWhere uses the datDateTime type for the param, and NexsusDB is strict about comparing nxtDate vs nxtDateTime. Is there any way to tell de SQL builder that if the field is of type nxDate, to use a nxDate parameter when processing the DynamicWhere?



can you test passing value as Double or as String?